Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Well, my wife and friends are hounding me to write more, so here we go.

I have been really busy at work lately. Our project is reaching a point in time where stuff needs to get done fast and parts need to be ordered, if we are to have the tool done in time. Normally this would be ok, but we seem to be having difficulty making decisions on what should be done. I think they have finally agreed on a design so here's hoping. I don't mind changing things and I certainly don't mind the pressure of things needing to be done quickly. I just want them to make up their mind. I wouldn't think that is too much to ask. As for how much work I have to do,  I love having a full load. There is nothing worse than being bored at work.  Mountains of work are my friend. So that's work in a nutshell as of late.

I am not bowling anymore. We finished last week. I actually bowled a 700 series a couple weeks ago so I get another patch for that :). We did pretty good for the season. We ended up in 3rd place out of 18 teams. My ending average was 192. That's kind of low for me. I just couldn't get into it I guess.  At least I ended well. I ended with a 241 game. Perhaps another time I will be interested in bowling on league again.

So, I have been playing FFXI a lot. I finally got one of my characters, Lucretius, to level 30 so I can start opening advanced jobs. Now I am working on getting my other main character, Lystra, to level 30. Currently, she is at 23. I was at 24 for a brief moment last night and then died and de-leveled back to 23. Some days are like that. You seem to get ahead only to fall backwards.

We bought some new plateware Saturday . If you look at the picture and zoom in to the lower left hand corner the mugs show the design. It looks better in person. They were the first set that my wife and I both really liked. We tend to have slightly different tastes and find it hard to agree on the look of something. So it was nice to find something that we both liked. She has a china set of her own, Old Country Rose, but we do not have a complete set, so we were needing something to tide us over.

I have started doing Tae Bo again in the mornings. It was brutal yesterday. I couldn't even finish the video. But today I was able to finish it, so that was comforting. I usually feel really good by the time I get to work after doing Tae Bo. If there is one thing I hate about my job, it is the fact that I just sit at a computer all day long. Even though I love what I do, my body does not. But, as long as I can keep exercising in the mornings, it will help. I am also trying to cut down on how much coke I drink each day. I tend to drink a lot while I am playing FFXI and I drink a lot at work. So, I have started drinking water at work, and only have coke at lunch. At home, I am trying to have it at dinner only. I love coke and know I can't get rid of it completely. When I turned 25, I quit smoking. Coke is my last vice. I doubt it will ever go away though. There is nothing else that I can drink that will be able to replace coke. So, Monday, I weighed in at a hefty 221.8. We shall see what I weigh by next week.

That is all for today. Take care, and have a great day!

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  1. Kudos to us for quitting smoking and getting fat! Well, fatter in my case :D

    Anywho, now that you are level 30, you should unlock PLD. You'll love it, I'm sure! It was hard for me to get the hang of at first, and I'll warn you everyone has their own idea of how it should be played. Anytime you want to start the quest I'll help. You'll need someone higher than me, though, to escort you to Davoi.

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